Take a look at the fixtures and results for the Southmead Wednesday league, you can see who is fighting for the title  and the teams in the relegation battle.

5 Star Football aims to ensure that all teams have a match to play. In order to achieve this, we will always set out to arrange a friendly match on occasions when a league match is not possible. A league match may not be possible for several reasons, for example, an opponent cannot fulfill the fixture. Friendly matches are charged at full price in order to cover all of the costs associated with running the match, such as referees and pitch rental. Where possible, we will indicate a likely friendly match with an ’F’ against your scheduled league fixture to indicate that we do not foresee the league game going ahead. The kick off time for a friendly match  will remain as per your league fixture.  We must stress that friendly matches are treated in the same way as league matches and so teams must inform us if they are unable to fulfill the fixture.